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Eco Latino has been published since 1992. Today it is considered the most important ethno-cultural newspaper with a distribution of 5.000 and a readership of approximately 50.000. The newspaper is a monthly, bilingual publication (English/Spanish/French), distributed throughout the Capital Region in places such as: City Halls, public libraries, community centers, government buildings, restaurants, ethnic stores, theatres,  news stands, video stores, immigrant centers, groceries stores, medical buildings, etc.

During the past few years the Hispanic community has dramatically increased in numbers. As well as those communities of new Canadians that have made Canada’s Capital Region their home. The North American Free Trade Agreement and the commercial relations between Canada, U.S.A. and some of the Latin American countries has given Eco Latino an important role to play by publishing information such as events, businesses, projects, new initiatives and employment opportunities for all Canadians. As well, many Canadians are interested in learning Spanish and they are now reading Eco Latino with increased interest.

The GOAL of this publication is, primarily, to facilitate the integration into the Canadian Society of all members of the Hispanic-Canadian community and people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

ECO LATINO provides information from Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal governments and from industry and private institutions to  Ottawa’s diverse communities.

Institutions such as The National Arts Center, The National Gallery, Museum of Civilization, Health Centers, The Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Health Department etc., have made use of Eco Latino to advertise their programs and services.

The newspaper publishes activities, events, programs and ideas that will motivate and encourage all communities to become active participants  in the promotion of racial harmony, respect and understanding for all. Eco Latino receives article contributions from a variety of non-profit organizations, embassies, professionals, Canadians and individuals from the ethno-cultural communities.

Eco Latino encourages all businesses to promote their products, services and employment opportunities. Businesses today know the wealth of skills and potential clientele that New Canadians represent.

If you  would like more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at (613) 565-1345. Our fax: (613) 565-1349. e-Mail: ecolatin@ca.inter.net

I thank you for your support and cooperation,